Design something that is inspired by telephones, uses type that is too small to read, uses typography made out of paper cutouts, and is in the style of Marcello Minale.

Design something that uses typography as a pattern, uses type that is set over other type, uses typography clipped out from a photo, is a duotone, and is in the style of David Carson.

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Methods is a tool designed to encourage purposeful play*.

(Keep scrollin’ yo)


Amplifying the brand of California’s largest association for businesswomen.




About Methods

Methods is a tool designed to strengthens one’s ability to overcome creative challenges with the goal of developing stronger relationships between form and meaning.

Tech Stack

The site is extremely lightweight and responsive and was created with a combination of html, css, and php.

Purposeful Play

I believe that the act of creating is largely a subconscious process influenced by intellectual, social and cultural development. Allowing the subconscious to play* (explore challenges without the risk of failure) increases confidence and allows for a flexible mind better at solving problems and negotiating creative conflicts.

Play allows for failure, and failure allows for emotional, rational, and creative growth.

Meaning comes from making.

Method’s prompts are generated from an algorithm that combines three to five creative prompts and adds either a theme or style to replicate.

Size and layout
In the style of...